The Internet of Things (IoT) isn't just for your home or car anymore. Now you can extend IoT access to your business, with audible and visual Business Intelligence products from Skillsai. Currently limited to invited participants only, please let us know if you are interested in joining our beta program. Selected users who meet the project and environment requirements (using WooCommerce or the Stripe Payment Gateway) will receive a free 2-year subscription to SalesTalk.

Product Features

Ask any business person. There is always more to do then there are hours in the day to get work done. Often you're so busy doing your business, you don't really know how your business is doing. Are you tracking your daily WooCommerce store sales? Then you're aware of the time it takes to log in, and click through to get to the data. Perhaps you track your sales in Excel and create your own charts - a process that takes even more time away from what you do best!

With Salestalk, all you need to do is register and login to connect your datasource to get instant insight into the data critical to your business. This efficient, hands-free solution is based on the way we human beings function best - with our voices!

What Kind of Questions Can I Ask?

Depending on the Report Packages purchased, you can ask Alexa things like:

What were my sales yesterday?
How many units of camping stoves did I sell last month?
What day of the week is my best sales day?
What are my top selling locations?

Just try asking a logical question, and Alexa will let you know if she can answer it. And if she can't, please submit your phrase request to our Feedback page, and we will do our best to help her learn it.

Key Elements

SalesTalk is a secure cloud solution that stores your data in a scalable AWS server. Currently, we've integrated with the Amazon Voice Service (AVS) to process your business questions and hand those queries to the SalesTalk controller. It retrieves the result from our datastore and returns those results back to you from your Amazon or Google voice-enabled device.

The key elements of our solution include:

We link directly to your business account on platforms like WooCommerce or Payment Gateways such as Stripe using Oauth 2.0. All you need to do after registering with Salestalk is to click the button for your data source and login to that account.
With a data store that is separate from your day-to-day online transaction processing, it's optimized for queries by business needs rather than operational or computer processes. As we add support for new data sources, you'll get additional insights from the aggregated data.
We utilze published APIs, SDKs and Webhooks from your platform's provider to extract the available sales data. We then transform the relevant information to match our voice-optimized schema and store it.
Using the Amazon Voice Service or similar VUI services, we capture your business question, query the data store for the answer and return the reponse in seconds-all in a conversational interaction that is the natural way humans communicate!
Utilizing Amazon Web Services, your data is stored securely in the Cloud. You benefit from the industry-leading platform that expands on demand which provides massive economies of scale. That, in turn, allows us to contain costs and offer a robust Business Intelligence solution that is highly cost-effective.
Real time questions and answers are highly efficient and require no context switch to implement. But for those times when you can spend dedicated brain cylcles on analysis, a visual interface is best. Customize your reports to uniquely fit your business market.
With both audible and visual Business Intelligence, you can take immediate action to address any issues you uncover and enhance your sales with the insights SalesTalk provides.

How to Get Started

It's fast and easy to get started with no install necessary. Just sign up for an account, and ask any Alexa-enabled device to "Open SalesTalk." You will immediately see the kinds of reports and configuration available for all four report packages in the Dashboard, using our demo camping supply store. Ask Alexa questions, and she'll respond with answers based on our demo store's sales. Stay in test mode as long as you like!

When you're ready to start getting insights into your own sales data, just choose your Pricing Plan. Connect your business platform datasource in your Dashboard. Then you'll be able to ask Alexa a wide breadth of important questions. Get real-time answers to your company's critical queries without the need to switch context away from your current task.

Do you have additional questions? Check out the product FAQ or contact our sales team today!